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Creating an IKONIC Program Suite- What Offers Should I Focus On At This Stage of My Business?

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Learn about the 5 levels of offers every online expert should have, and find out which ones you should focus on currently.

Do you have a huge audience on social media, or a large email list (of qualified subscribers) but haven't monetized your followers, and you're not sure how to exactly? You know there are different offers you could be providing, but you feel at a loss of where to focus?

Or, do you have a tiny, small, or no audience on social media (or email list)? You want to do this work full-time, and bring in at least $5K-$10K per month to really allow you to do this work from a place of abundance, but you just don't know what offers to focus on...

In this training we'll discuss if 1:1 coaching, group coaching, hybrid coaching, online courses, VIP days, masterminds & subscription programs are right for you.