Let us build a world-class online presence for your coaching/ consulting business in under 30 days. 


Tech holding you back from having an online presence that creates clients?

After being in this business for a number of years and guiding thousands of people through their online presence transformation journey, we've learned a few things. 

One of the most persistent things that came up while working with coaches, consultants, experts & service-providers was that they didn't have the time, the know-how, the tech-savviness, nor the desire to set up their online presence on their own.

For one reason or another, they knew they needed a powerful online presence but in the end did not have an online presence that worked as a client creating machine. 

In the 21st Century your business MUST have: 

- a world-class website,
world-class branding,
lead magnet(s),
email communications,
consult-call-funnels, and
social media conversion-funnels
...set up at the very minimum to be taken seriously and show up as leader in your field, which is necessary for you to generate sales. 

After working with thousands in the experts space (coaches, consultants, service-providers) we decided to take it into our own hands to help you once and for-all set up a client-creating online presence, without the headaches and the stress. 

Let us do the heavy lifting of your online presence for you, so you can focus on what you do best.


In the 21st Century your company MUST have a world-class website, lead magnet(s), branding, and email communications set up at the very minimum to be taken seriously and show up as leader in your field. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

What do we build out for you?

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World-Class Website

Your business needs an online home, and that home is your website. Your website needs to be set up in such a way to convert people into buyers (through your client-creating copy), capture qualified leads (through your client-creating lead magnet), grow your email list, educate & nurture, set you up as the authority, & sell your various offers. Your website also needs to look like a million bucks to powerfully represent your brand, and have SEO that leads the right people to find you. We'll take care of that. (Four pages included: ikonic homepage, about me page, contact me page, & services page)

Branding Kit

One of the things we see most often, is a coach, consultant, course creator, service provider that has something powerful to offer, but their "look" online doesn't show it. Their brand doesn't represent a professional that charges high-ticket prices. You need to look the part, and that means having your colors, fonts, logo, so your brand can look like a million bucks online, and more importantly, build trust so people will take you seriously, and want to buy from you.

Client-Creating Lead Magnet

You need a client-creating lead magnet that both qualifies buyers, and helps you convert them into clients. We'll guide you on creating the right lead magnet for your business (you'll create the actual content since you're the expert), and once it's created we'll take charge of setting it up on your website and social media so it looks like a million bucks, and is bringing qualified leads into your business. 

Email List Set Up & Content Templates

After you have that badass lead magnet, we need to make sure it's connected to your email system. We'll get you started on Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign, and make sure all the leads you're collecting through your online presence are going to the right place. Once that is set up, we'll make sure you're ready to go with a easy-to-use template that will be your go to for your regular email list communications. 

Client Converting Consult Funnel

Now that people are hearing about you through your online presence, you need a system by which you will connect with them to convert them into client call. This is your consult funnel. Wether your website, social media, or all your online presence leads to a discovery/strategy call, this needs to be set up so people can easily connect with you for discovery/strategy calls. We'll make sure your consult-call funnel is ready to go, with the right qualifying questions, and yes, we'll take care of all the tech for you. (built on Calendly)

Social Media Converting Funnels

We'll also make sure that all your social media is leading people to your consult funnel. We'll set up a one-stop shop so people have an easy way to sign up for your calls as well as sign up for your lead-magnet. 

In the 21st Century your company MUST have a world-class website, lead magnet(s), branding, and email communications set up at the very minimum to be taken seriously and show up as leader in your field. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Client Case Studies

Check out a few examples of our client work here. 


AFTER - Deanne


BEFORE- Deanne


AFTER - Lauren


BEFORE- Lauren


AFTER - Shooting Star Ranch


BEFORE- Shooting Star Ranch


AFTER - Marble Specialist

BEFORE - Marble Specialist



Who is guiding your Online Transformation? 

Power-couple, Luz C. Gonzalez &Matt Jakstis

Luz Gonzalez- Luz is an Online Business Strategy Expert, International Speaker, co-CEO of IndustryIkon, and works with experts (coaches/ consultants) and service-based small business owners to convert their online presence to a client attraction machine. Luz is a subject-matter expert in high ticket branding & marketing, and incorporates behavioral economics, neuroscience, and evidence-based strategies into her application of branding and marketing. 

Luz has a B.A. and J.D. from U.C. Berkeley, over a decade of experience with online branding strategy, was an International Human Rights Lawyer, has spoken at well-established institutions such as McKinsey & Company, UC Berkeley, Stanford, etc., led online branding strategy for over 4 years with companies in Silicon Valley.

Matt Jakstis- Matt  is a High Ticket Sales Expert and Consultant, Author, Speaker, co-CEO of IndustryIkon. Matt has worked in sales for over 15+ years working in sales across multiple industries, & personally sold over 3 million dollars of high ticket programs/offers.

Matt built and ran the high-ticket sales team for the 4th fastest growing business in the US (for 2019) and is now committed to showing business leaders like you the power and possibility of profiting through the art of ethically selling with passion and purpose!


In the 21st Century your company MUST have a world-class website, lead magnet(s), branding, and email communications set up at the very minimum to be taken seriously and show up as leader in your field. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.


Andrew Ybarra
Event producer and DJ

"I would encourage anyone to join Luz and Matt's programs. In just the first few weeks, we revamped our business. We had spent tens of thousands of dollars on other programs, and in just two weeks we saw incredible progress in our business that we hadn't seen in months in other programs."

Hayden H
Spiritual Coach and Healer

"“I signed up with industryIkon because I was at a point where I felt like I couldn’t grow my business on my own. I had read all the books, attended seminars, I just needed more personalized guidance. In this program I didn’t just make more sales, I also re-structured my programs & offerings, renamed my online course, created an Facebook group for my SeeTheLines community, created sales pages using the best practices in the industry, created lead magnets that attracted my ideal client, and really started looking to think of my 10K instagram follower-base in a way where I could create clients and students, grow my email list, and build a community, rather than just have a large following without a monetization strategy. This is a great program for anyone with a voice, a mission to serve others, who knows they have a gift to share with the world, but they just don’t know how to exactly get share in a way that creates clients.”"

Alan Ramiro
See The Lines CEO

"Straight away I knew that I wanted to come onboard and it's been the perfect decision. I have gotten more value in an hour with you than I have had in several months of other courses and programs. It's been phenomenal. The direct feedback that I've gotten from this program has been lacking from any other program I have been part of. You guys really care and it shows. I love to have systems for me to know where my business needs to go, and now through this coaching, I have clarity in the exact steps I need to take next for my business. I have to say that the calls from the program have been the highlights of my week, and I really look forward to them each week. I would say to anyone considering their program ...this is absolutely the coaching program to do."

Woody Daniels
Facebook Ads Expert

""I'm 100%...no 1,000% SO glad I did this program. This program has been LIFE CHANGING, it's changed who I am, it's changed my business, it's changed the impact I now get to have in my community- something that's never been available in my community. It's 100% been worth it. And honestly, after all of it, I'm kind of surprised how affordable it was because I got SO MUCH out of it. The bonus that came with it made was enough that made me think this program was SOOOO worth it. I'm scared to even think of what life without this program would have been life. I don't think I would have had clients, or income, I think I would have been on my business every day...just grasping at straws...anything I could do to get attention to my business. Having this curriculum, this program to work through, and having the support, and purposeful action to take every day. I knew that if I just followed the path I would get there. I knew I had to start making money with my work. The deeper transformational work is really the core. The program is so much more than just a business program. I have prayed for this kind of life, I cried tears for this kind of life, and now I have that.""

Jeri Jones
Perinatal Solutions Specialist

""I brought on my first $3000 full-pay client in under 2 months, and doubled my price. I now feel an incredible confidence in my program that I didn’t before. I have learned so much! I love how organized the online client platform is, there is SO much information there, but I never feel overwhelmed because you guide me as to what exactly I need to pay attention to at what point of my journey. In some ways,I feel like I'm going back in college being in this program. I have learned how to use social media for my business, how to make effective posts, learning about branding and colors, growing my facebook group, starting my youtube channel, sales, so many things! You come into a program expecting to get a few things, but once you dive in you realize there's SO MUCH more, and I really feel that with this program. It's not just the trainings, the personalized calls where our questions are answered multiple times a week, the additional trainings, strategizing sessions, it's also the presence I feel. I don't feel like just a number in a program, I really feel seen and valued, and know that you know exactly where my business is and what I need at exactly that moment. You know what is going on with each person in your program, and to me that is HUGE.""

Deanne Rose
Women's Sexuality Coach

"I had no idea at all how to organize and create a high ticket program. A couple of weeks into the program, I sold my first multi-thousand dollar package. I had never sold anything for more than $450. "

Kashi Ananda
Yoga Instructor

"My sales conversions more than doubled working with Luz & Matt."

Paul Secola
Personal Trainer


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